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Doron Gold is a psychotherapist and former practicing lawyer living and working in Toronto, Canada. He is registered with the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers as well as with the Law Society of Upper Canada. Doron's practice focusses on individual, family and group therapy related to issues of depression, anxiety, career and family stress and addiction. Doron works primarily with lawyers, law students,judges as well as other professionals. His personal experience working in the legal profession, coupled with his many years of experiences working with lawyers in distress at the Ontario Lawyers' Assistance Program (OLAP) have given him a unique and valuable perspective on the challenges faced by these individuals. Because he understands their lives and their unique challenges, he is able to speak a type of shorthand that allows them to relax and feel seen, heard and understood while not feeling judged.


Doron was called to the Ontario Bar in 1996 and practiced primarily as a family lawyer. He was the lawyer of choice for a number of women's shelters in the area, because he took an interest not only in the technical legal needs of his clients, but in their well being. He actively and compassionately assisted them in rebuilding their lives and in moving forward successfully. They enforced their legal rights but they also healed themselves, which is just as important.


In 2006, Doron determined that the adversarial legal process was not the most constructive avenue through which he could help people. He certified as a personal coach through the Coaches Training Institute and subsequently completed his Masters of Social Work, both of which fit perfectly into the work he began doing for lawyers through OLAP. He would speak daily with legal professionals in distress and help them move towards healing and wellness. He was also invited to speak throughout the province to both small law association meetings of 10 or 15 people or large webinars including one he helped create for the Law Society of Upper Canada on Work Life Balance which he presented to 2300 participants on two separate occasions. Doron's expertise has also been sought out by publications such as The Canadian Lawyer, LawPro Magazine and Law Times, both in interviews as well as in articles authored by him. He currently writes a bi-monthly column in Law Times as The Lawyer Therapist.

Doron was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and currently lives in the area with his family. He is a lover of dogs, music and basketball.

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